Alexia Margariti Alexia Margariti, Ph.D., GDTR Sr
Alexia Margariti, Ph.D., GADTR Sr was born in Athens, Greece. She studied at the State School of Dance in Athens and continued her studies in Paris, France, at the Sorbonne Paris IV, where she obtained a Maitrise de Danse. She has a PhD in Dance Therapy from the University of Peloponnese and University of Athens Medical School. Alexia is a Professor of Dance, a Dance Therapist, and past President of the Greek Association of Dance Therapists. For 27 years she has been the Director of the Arts, Movement and Dance Therapy Center “Kinissi-Choros-Ekfrasi” in Athens. She has worked at several psychiatric hospitals and institutions in Greece, engaged in dance therapy for psychiatric populations, children with special needs, drug addicts, other special populations and “normal neurotics”. Her research interests involve quantification of body movement and of neurophysiological parameters in dance therapy.

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Natasa Smyrli Natasa Smyrli
Dance Therapist
Founding member and ex Secretary of the Greek Association of Dance Therapists.