So we believe that YES, WE HAVE SUCCEEDED!
Our goals were achieved
Come and join our circle because we have a lot more to give and exchange. We always listen to your suggestions and wishes.

Dance Therapy

We had a vision:
  • to create a warm, friendly and comfortable setting where emphasis would be given to quality exercise with a prevailing joyful atmosphere.
  • to have an enjoyable and pleasant time with our students...
  • To create together.
  • To have the ambience of a group of friends.
Have we succeeded?
We asked our students. This is what they said:

I come to exercise both soul and body.

This is where I can forget the daily grind and find relaxation and fun with Happy Exercise.

The Expressive Exercise makes me feel very creative with my body, and I leave the group every time in a more positive mood. This physical wellbeing allows me to control my body.

I come here to exercise my body in a pleasant setting full of fun.

There is this friendly atmosphere which seems to fix everything: our mood, our wrinkles, our figure...

Dancing Exercise, Expressive Exercise, Stretching Exercise and Barre a terre! A great job which brings me joy and a sense of well being.

Here I rediscover myself and I find the things I'm looking for.

Why do I come here? To extend the elasticity, the agility and the youthful structure of my body...

With joy and liveliness we find the meaning and the aim to keep our bodies young.